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Inheritance Disputes & Will Disputes
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Will Disputes & Inheritance Disputes

A simple guide to defending a will or making a claim against a will.

Defending a Will?

I'm considering a Will Dispute - What Steps should I take?

Inadequate Provision?

Do I have a claim?

Is the Will invalid?
If there is no Will.
If you're unhappy with the Estate administration.
If you were promised something in a Will.
Other possible claims

Inheritance and will disputes is a website that helps executors and beneficiaries to defend a Will, as well as giving advice to disappointed beneficiaries who need to consider whether they may have a claim. If you have an Inheritance or Will Dispute, Inheritance and Will Disputes are here to help, with more experience in disputes than any other firm, Inheritance and Will Disputes are way beyond the competition. To find out more about what we do, why not have a look around our website? We hope you find the flowcharts, questionnaires and case studies useful in assisting you to consider the merits of your defence or claim.