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Case Studies

Child's Inheritance claim nearly lost by mother being slow to claim

but luckily the Court allowed her to contest the Will despite being over 2 years late [Read More]

Daughter awarded £3,000 a year following Inheritance Act contest

after other family members sell their shares for a fortune [Read More]

Daughters challenge step-mother over father's deathbed Will

Solicitors acted on "no win no fee" agreement - but claimants lost after 8 day trial in July 2011 [Read More]

Errant husband dramatically cut out of Will

but able to bring a claim for reasonable financial provision [Read More]

Estranged daughter awarded £50,000 from mother’s estate

Estranged and impoverished daughter awarded sum of £50,000 from mother’s £486,000 estate despite mother’s clear letter of wishes explaining why the daughter was cut out [Read More]

High Street bank sold ridiculously complex tax planning wills

with nil-rate band discretionary trusts for a childless 90 year old vicar and his wife - leaving an unholy mess to sort out [Read More]

Illegitimate children make claim against millionaire's estate

but shocked to find out through DNA testing that they weren't his children after all [Read More]

In a family dispute over a Will, an Inheritance Act Claim was allowed more than 3 years after death

even though claims are supposed to be brought within 6 months of the Grant [Read More]

Inheritance Dispute by step-mother - Dinky cars not enough

Can you leave your £6 million fortune to your two children, and leave your second wife just your Dinky toy collection, a small annuity and other chattels? No! [Read More]

Inheritance of holiday home in France jeopardised

by huge claim from foreign builder with no contract in place [Read More]

Mortgage company tried to force quick sale at low price

thwarted by prompt legal advice [Read More]

Relative stopped from taking proceeds of a joint account

money recouped for family by dramatic injunction obtained under a no-win no-fee agreement [Read More]

Time extension refused by Court in Inheritance Act claim

but claimant told by Court to sue their solicitor for negligent advice instead [Read More]

Uncle with no Will turned out to be a serial will maker

who got the main beneficiary's name muddled up [Read More]